• That University Student

Your Home Away From Home

By Antonia Besu

Last year, when I was applying to university through UCAS, I scoured the internet to find the perfect universities to apply to. I was concerned about things like the weather in that part of the UK, whether I’d fit in with the other students from that university and how many different clubs and societies the university could offer. However, since being back home, I’ve come to realise what I miss most about my university and by extension what is most important to me about it – the city.

Edinburgh has everything that a capital city can offer: all the shops you could need, bars, clubs, restaurants, cafés, parks and more. Yet, Edinburgh is perfect if you also enjoy the hills and greenery seen in more rural areas. There’s Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, which is the tallest point in Edinburgh and is located just behind some of the first-year student accommodations. There is a plethora of other hills that are a short bus journey from the city centre if you’re fancying a hike or wanting to see some highland cattle. For me, having all the facilities I’d like within walking distance while being able to escape on a country walk whenever I feel like it, is amazing.

I’ve realised that if you really like the city and the environment around you, it would be very difficult to dislike to your university. Your university will become your home away from home, so it is important for you to be happy about where you’re living and studying – something that league tables can’t tell you.

Good luck in your university hunt – I know it can be stressful!