Young Carer Amidst Covid-19

By Jenny Rayner

I’ve been a young carer for the last few years for my mum. It’s been tough and going to uni, filled me with guilt that I was leaving her behind. Provisions were put in place though and I experienced a little bit of normality for the first time in years. I still worried and in the holidays was faced with the reality of home life but there were moments I could escape and be like my friends.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 and being at home 24/7, I’m now needed more than ever. With my mum being vulnerable, there are a whole new load of things we have to think about and everything is basically down to me. Buying food, arranging prescriptions, sorting money, cleaning, cooking and most of all trying to keep her safe.

I want all you young carers out there to know it is normal to feel that it’s all too much, that it’s not fair. Other friends lives can look so easy in comparison but YOU are doing something amazing in this dreadful time, you are showing your love every day and for that you should be really proud.