Work or Mental Health



Ever since lockdown was announced in India, college students have found it really difficult to find the balance between maintaining their peace of mind and looking out for internships or jobs.

All of us are scrolling through our feeds on LinkedIn or Internshala to locate the right kind of work for us. But is it really working out? Well, to be honest, students in the first or second year of their bachelor's program already find it really difficult to find an internship which will help them develop their skills. These internships are mostly unpaid and demand all of an intern's time.

If you're fortunate enough you may land up in a paid internship, they won't give you cash but their 'incentives' would include vouchers or merchandise. In this situation, students coming from underprivileged background find it really difficult to earn money.

Students who are in their final years are the worst hit. We already know that their future is precarious. Adding to it is the uncertainty of when and how they will take their examinations and get their degrees so that they can apply for jobs.

A lot of students have complained that due to their examination dates they'll not be able to join their jobs on time. This is further creating pressure on the youth of our country who are not sure about their future.

This is really affecting the mental health of students and impaciting their ability to cope.

It's high time that we stand up for the cause and ensure that our juniors, seniors and peers are happy and sound. Talking for a minute will not take much of our time. Let's advocate mental health. Let's advocate student protection.

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