Why everyone should join a sports team at university!

By Sophie Burn

Insta - @sophburn

Everyone’s response to lockdown has been different. Some have taken it as an opportunity to work for that six pack they’ve always dreamed of, some are making hourly roundtrips to the fridge… I am most definitely the latter, so being part of a sports team at both during lockdown and at uni has been such a great experience for me. I’m not the type of person that wakes up raring to go on a 30-mile bike ride, I’m the kind of person who wakes up raring to eat the leftover takeaway from the night before – it’s no exaggeration to say Newcastle Women’s Rugby has saved me.

I fully expected that when I stepped foot in university on my first day it would be the start of a whole new me, I was planning on meal prepping, buying cheaper in bulk, spending every waking spare minute in the gym and being the all-round put-together adult I had always dreamed of. This was not the case. I dread to think of the state I would’ve ended up in had I not joined women’s rugby in my first semester. Of course joining any society when you get to university is great and you’re sure to meet many amazing people, but what I love about my sports team is I can go out on the town 5 nights in a week and not feel guilty as I know I’ll be training no matter what!

Like many rugby newbies I was unsure if I had what it took to succeed in the sport but what I came to realise is playing the Wednesday matches is such a small part of joining the team. The fear of not being good enough was soon outweighed by the fun I was having at the social events and the friendships I was building at training!