What's the point?

By Fraser Shore

I got sent home from uni, it all felt so pointless. I wasn’t with my mates, I was having to live back home and it felt like my degree was over. I just felt like giving up.

For a couple of days, I did nothing but as I watched the news, chatted to more people and saw the way this was affecting everyone, I realised the WORLD had stopped. This wasn’t just about my life. Whatever I was feeling, someone else had it 100 times worse. And I realised every student out there was in the same boat. If I was to give up, there would be other students who would keep going, keep studying and I’d be left behind. So I’m now trying to stay motivated, do a bit of work to keep on top of things and to stay in touch with friends to egg each other on.

Our education isn’t over, it has changed and we need to adapt to this change together.