What's going on?

By Harriet Norris

Hopefully this can be a small positive note in amongst all the chaos, with examination cancellations and the stress and anxiety of COVID-19 for students.

I knew life was going to be affected in some way by a global pandemic of the magnitude that COVID-19 is, but strangely it never occurred to me that A-Level exams would be cancelled as a result. At school we were informed about online classes, online revision resources, means by which we would finish the courses we yet hadn’t, should the schools be closed. But I never once considered we wouldn’t actually be taking them. Surely the copious work, anxiety and pressure that had been amounting over the past few years to these final exams… couldn’t be all gone. Two days until we were told we were leaving school; university plans, which had seemed plausible and attainable whilst feverishly revising for exams, are suddenly all up in the air.

On the plus side, isolation at home has been a time that I’ve found useful for several reasons; I’m able to read more, and my one dog walk a day has become a great source of stress-relief, and is a lovely way to feel more connected to nature, something that is also taking the stress away. I’m making more time for self-care and spending quality time with my family, which is really nice without the looming pressure of exams.

The waiting and uncertainty is undoubtedly horrible, but it’s essential to stay as positive as you can during these times. Take the time at home to take care of yourself, expand your mind and relax where possible.