What Now?

by Mary Karayel

I have officially finished my second year at University, and whilst I know I should feel relieved, it has been anticlimactic. I have worked so hard over the last ten weeks to attend Zoom seminars and meet deadlines. But what now?

When I had deadlines, I was motivated to use my days productively. Now that exams are over, I suddenly have the whole day to spend as I choose with no obligations to work on essays or reading. So naturally, Netflix and TikTok have taken over my life!

This freedom has resulted in immense boredom and my mind craves stimulation beyond social media. I want to do something. Here is my list of productive tasks I am using to help curb the boredom of lockdown:

  1. Make a scrapbook: Despite the abrupt end to Second Year, I made so many amazing memories and it would be nice to reflect on happier times 

  2. Vacation reading: I normally leave my reading for the day before my seminars (I do not recommend!) so I am hoping lockdown could make me better prepared and less stressed during Term time!

  3. Do an online course: Now is the perfect time to explore your subject in more depth or learn about something completely new. I am thinking about taking a course in Creative Writing to rediscover an old passion. 

  4. Read for fun: Doing an English Literature degree is so rewarding, but it means I have very little time for recreational reading. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get through my never-ending list of recommended books!