What no one mentions about going to University

By Abigel David


Moving out, being independent, starting a new life, taking responsibility for all you do. All this sounds like so much fun and freedom, and everyone is always talking about all the unforgettable experiences you will have as a freshman.

For me it was only when I started packing my life in a maximum 20kg suitcase that I realized how leaving my life behind isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All I have ever known will change. I suddenly will not be able to help my mum with grocery shopping anymore, no one will care where I was until 4am on a Saturday and I will not have to pick my baby sister up from kindergarten every single day. I cannot walk over to my best friend’s house on a Sunday evening and lay around with our biggest worry being what to watch on Netflix. When I come home after a terrible day, my dog will not come running to tackle me down.

It might seem like these things are not what were important, but believe me, it’s the little things you are going to miss the most. And standing there in front of my house, seeing my little sister cry and beg me not to go, it became clear to me that going to college is not only about me. It’s about everyone around me.

Of course, distracting yourself with friends, clubs, sport, parties, etc., is a great idea, but in the current coronavirus crisis, you are left with laptop and homesickness quarantined in your student dorm room wondering whether you came to uni to change to world for the better and actually ended up lost in the big ocean like Nemo.

Remember, you are not alone, we are all in the same boat.