What Is My Motivation?

By Rachel Eddy

During the whole of A-levels, my sole focus was to achieve highly so I could get into the University of Bath. I slaved away for hundreds of hours with the end goal of a place at my first choice. Results day arrived and UCAS confirmed I made it - I was in.

Before I knew it, freshers week arrived and I was partying away with my new housemates, thinking this is what I’ve been dreaming about for so many months. However, a few weeks into university I had my first exams (5 weeks in - crazy I know, right? Bath aren’t messing around!) and I realised I didn't know what I was working for, I had suddenly lost my driving force. Finding a new motivation was so difficult because I didn’t know the next step. Yes, I knew I was aiming for a 1st but what was it for? Semester one ended and I checked my exam results; a first in semester one, yet I wasn’t elated, I was just still.

Finding your motivation in studying is such an important fact - we all know how to achieve that grade by why are we doing it? I am still struggling with this but practicing being content that as I learn more on the course and take part in studies, I can begin to come to terms with what I am interested in and what I am not! If you are struggling with this, like I have been, I encourage you to learn to love learning, become engrossed in your subject so that revision isn’t such a chore and that way you will naturally begin to understand your next steps. 

Keep going - you WILL thank yourself in the future.

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