What is it like to study online at University of Liverpool?

By Jessica Roberts

Moving back to university as a second year student has been very different from what I expected. Many universities across the country are now studying online and with Liverpool currently being a high risk area, my psychology course is solely over Zoom for the time being, as are many other courses.

Staying motivated is difficult when studying from your student house; there are lots of distractions, especially when living with your friends. Something as simple as keeping a tidy work space can really help you keep a clear mind and focus on your work. Having a diary with upcoming deadlines and Zoom meetings is also a great way to stop you falling behind. For me personally, taking regular breaks from my work and socialising with my housemates really keeps me sane and prevents those lock-down blues.

If like me, you’re lucky enough to live with people who study the same course as you, then studying together can really help you understand the work better and give you a learning environment a bit closer to what you’d experience before Covid-19. Try not to forget that this new way of learning is new for our lecturers too. Some may not be as experienced with technology as others so be patient and try not to give them a hard time. Just remember that for most of you living with other students, you’re all in the same boat and all experiencing on-line remote learning for the first time, so check up on each-other and help each-other out.