What I Wish I'd Known About First Year

By Emily Crook

Instagram: @emilyjlcrook

If you’re about to head to Uni in September 2020, I know how you feel! That was me, and all of my year across the UK and world, just last year.

I wish I’d known that Fresher’s Week would be exciting but also daunting, and fun but also (quite frankly) boring. That was my experience during the first days at Bristol Uni anyway! Whilst the nights are long and fun and filled, the days are long and sometimes empty. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that once you find your friends, which will happen, Fresher’s Week is a thing of the past, and nights out will be even better now, just like the days will be too.

I wish I’d known to join just a couple of societies. I filled out every form at Fresher’s Fair, and somehow attended about 3 or 4 societies each week for the first month or two. If I had been more selective, I’d have made the friends I have now much earlier and faster. Also, I’d have saved a lot on membership fees!

I wish I’d known to attend more career opportunities. Once you look, and read your emails, and ask questions, you’ll find that your Uni has extensive career advice and support on offer, something you’re paying for through your degree! Make the most of it; even if you attend events outside your comfort zone, or your expectations of your career, you’ll meet new people, explore new career avenues, and enhance that CV!!

Enjoy your first year most importantly though. There is little pressure, a lot of time, and no rush to do anything: your friends will find you, and you’ll find your way!