University Packing Top Tips (Part Two)

Kirsten Murray


Now that I've given my top tips of what to bring to university, it is time to tell you what NOT to bring to stop your room becoming cluttered with pointless items and to save you some money!


  • Iron - I stupidly bought a new iron to take to university and did I iron my clothes? No. I think because my mum irons everything I thought it was a necessity, but I’d say unless you’re already a diehard ironer don’t bother with it!

  • Doorstop- everyone says it’s great to keep your door open during freshers, and this is true, but you don’t really need to buy a dedicated door stop, just use something heavy or buy the cheap plastic wedge kind!

  • TV- again I wouldn’t say this was necessary at all, just use your laptop.

  • Whiteboard- I bought a whiteboard, and realistically all it was used for was for my housemates to doodle on, so I suppose it provided some fun, but I didn’t use it to make to-do lists and it definitely wasn’t a necessity!

  • Stuff to Decorate your room – of course you want things to decorate your uni room and make it feel homely, but instead of buying new things I would really recommend taking a few things from your room at home- it saves money, and it’s nice to have things in your room that you had at home.

  • TOO MUCH KITCHEN STUFF- it is VERY easy to get carried away with kitchen stuff but trust me you do not need replicas of everything you have in your kitchen at home! I’d say the necessities are a saucepan, frying pan, chopping board, baking tray, wooden spoon and obviously cutlery and plates etc. Forget the potato masher or peeler these are not necessary! Also if you don’t remember everything, someone else will be sure to bring a grater!

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