University Packing Top Tips (Part One)

Kirsten Murray


It was finally packing for university which made the entire thing feel real for the first time. It was only once we’d done *THAT* uni shop and bought everything imaginable, and the clothes piled high in the suitcases that I realised I was really going! There is so much to consider when packing for uni as you are literally moving your life into a single room! But what are the necessities and what’s just a waste of money? Here are my do’s and don'ts of packing for university!


  • Hangers – your uni wardrobe will not come stocked with hangers so make sure you bring your own! The plastic ones are super cheap and I found ones in packs of 5 from Wilko.

  • Extension Lead- I would definitely recommend an extension lead as uni rooms do not come with enough plugs. But if you pop one of these under the desk, you’ll be sorted!

  • Washing Basket- most university accommodation blocks have a laundry room where you have to take your clothes to wash them, so a washing basket keeps all your dirty clothes neatly away. I would also recommend taking a bag big enough for you to transfer your laundry from your room to the washing machines.

  • Mattress Topper - an absolute must in my opinion! Uni mattresses are not made for comfort and who knows how often they are replaced so chances are you are most definitely not the first to be sleeping on it! I had a mattress topper in my first year and everyone said that my bed was so comfortable – so I definitely recommend it!

  • Pins- Most uni rooms come with a noticeboard and you can decorate it however you want so bring pins to stick up photos or posters, etc.

  • Clothes Horse- as I mentioned before, there isn’t normally a washing machine or dryer in your flat. Instead, they are in a laundry block and you have to pay for each cycle – therefore a clothes horse is a perfect way to save money by just drying out your clothes in your room!

  • Shower Caddy- if you’re sharing a bathroom get some sort of shower caddy or basket so you can easily transport all your toiletries to and from the shower.

  • Extra Storage- storage is in short supply in university accommodation so be nifty with the space you have! Baskets are great, storage boxes (you can get some lovely patterned ones from WHSmith) and even suitcases can become storage places!

  • Hooks- super handy, again uni rooms don’t have a lot of storage so buy a bunch of hooks to put over the door for your coats, or over the wardrobe door.

  • Bedside lamp- this depends on the uni, but I know some uni’s don’t provide a desk or bedside lamp, so try to study pictures of your accommodation and see if this might be something you need. I brought an extra bedside lamp and I found it very useful!

Stay tuned for Part 2 when I will share what NOT to bring!

Kirsten has a blog called The K Word where she writes book reviews, opinion pieces and travel articles, which she would love for you to check out.

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