University Life

By Ushashi Ain, @ushashi_ain

Central University of Jharkhand, India

When I started my journey as a PhD candidate, I actually could not figure out how exactly to manage a day. Lots of changes, newer inclusions and a few months after, I was able to balance my daily life in several phases:

a) enjoying a gadget free hour by spending time with nature and doing yoga

b) performing experiments (taking my research journey forward)

c) staying well-communicated with friends and family

d) reading novels/journaling/doing creative work

e) reading research articles and staying updated with the recent research advances.

I try to wake up early in the morning only if the previous night my experiments did not run late or my paperwork finished early. Virgin-collection (of the Drosophila melanogaster), an integral part of my research, is the new addition to my daily morning routine. I spend majority of my time in the lab, taking some breaks to have tea and lunch in between. Discussion with my supervisor about my work proceedings, is my daily normal. Around 6 pm or so, me and my closest friends sit and vent about our days with each other over tea and snacks. We share all the positive and negative experiences of that day and end our discussion on a lighter and happier note. I eagerly look forward to this. I always try to not to skip meals but, on some days, skipping meal remains the only option. To me, a small ‘after-dinner’ stroll (with music/friends), is equally important as the morning one.

I do have mental detox days at regular intervals, during which I do little or no experiments. If not shopping or watching movies, I spend longer hours amidst nature on such a day. I treat myself with good food and immerse myself into that deep good sleep.

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