Uni Quarantine

By James Smithson

‘Let us OUT!’

You’ve probably seen the images on the news, heard the stories of students locked in like caged animals...well I’m not here to add to what let’s face it are slightly exaggerated stories but rather give you a glimpse into life in quarantine...

I’m in a house of 6 this year living out (you could say the perfect number!)

Day 1 we move in and our neighbours call the police because we ‘are having a gathering’...we live here?! The police come, they agree, we live here. This isn’t a gathering, rather a household. Doesn’t bode well for any breaking of those rules, our neighbours are clearly watching EVERYTHING!

Week 1 goes by ok. We hang out in our household. I regret not living with my now best friends as it’s proving pretty difficult to see them, other than outside in fields in the freezing cold or over zoom (please not more zoom parties!)

Week 2 flatmate gets covid. Week 2 Day 3 I have covid. We’re dropping like flies. Luckily no one is seriously ill but now all six of us are stuck here for two weeks.

since March we’ve hidden away like the rest of the nation. One week back at uni and BAM it gets us! I‘m kind of relieved, at least now we can enjoy the year without worrying so much about this horrible virus striking us down...as long as it doesn’t strike twice eh?

So yep this term is well STRANGE and I feel for the Freshers’ but by the looks of those outdoor ‘gatherings’ on the fields...well it looks like they’ll survive..!