Uni in Covid-19

By Millie Jarrett

I had this big toss up: do I go or do I stay?

It seemed like the year to take a gap year and head to uni once things are back to normal but then I was faced with the question:

What on earth would I do on a gap year?

I can't travel, work is hard to get and with my friends heading off to uni, there would be no one to hang out with. So I decided to GO!

And well so far, it has been interesting...

I was told you often meet people in the big dining hall where students often go to grab lunch and dinner but rather than being alive with the sound of thousands of students, the dining hall at Exeter is now made up of all these socially distanced tables and chairs. You're effectively eating alone which wasn't really the dream I had!

There is currently mix of face-to-face teaching and online stuff. At least we do get some in person teaching, as I know elsewhere, everything has been moved online.

Face coverings seem the norm which is a bit odd when getting to know people, facial expressions are a big part of how we interact.

I've been really lucky with my hall though and despite all this have already made friends. We've got to know each other quickly, hanging out in smaller groups, we've still managed to head to cool places off campus and once you know a few people, it's much easier to meet more! Making friends at this weird time was my biggest fear, so this has proven there is hope for uni students amidst Covid-19!