Top Tips for Freshers'

By Dan Nickle

Freshers' Week is nearly here for lots of you (now you've got over the nightmare of the last few days!). With so much confusion, I bet you haven't even had time to think about the reality of Freshers' Week itself, packing and what to bring to uni, so I am here to save the day!

What can I expect from Freshers' Week in Covidd-19?

Ok, so everyone keeps saying it will be great and it will, I'm certainly not taking away from that but I do think it's important to acknowledge that it will be different to usual. The problem unis have is there are so many people within one place, really not ideal for social distancing. So, normal freshers' events that would be held in a big hall are now being moved online which let's face it, kind of sucks. You can't build up friendships so easily by logging onto an online chat, or going on a virtual tour. BUT there will be opportunities to meet people - you'll still be living in halls and to be honest, that's where most students meet their best mates. Clubs & societies will still be running, even if in smaller groups. Now that shops, restaurants, cafes and bars are open, you'll still be able to go out for drinks, again just in smaller groups. By hanging out in slightly smaller groups, hopefully you'll make some really close friends who will become like your family, then as things start to open up more, you can all branch out together and extend those friendships.

What to pack?

Well, there's all the standard stuff like bedding, kitchen & bathroom bits but the stuff I want to suggest is the things you may not think of:

* A few photos of friends and fam from home

* Some things to make your room your own - some prints or lamp, or a cushion

* Hand san/face mask - a must!

* Tea - essential freshers' bonding

* Biscuits - everyone will want to visit your room!

* Speaker- for pres/gatherings

* Games - some red cups and a ping pong ball will never go amiss

How to get over the nerves?

Remember, everyone is nervous about starting uni, it's a whole new experience for everyone and everyone wants to make friends. My tip would be SMILE - an instant way to cover those nerves and then have some questions ready to ask everyone you meet and get that convo started:

Where do you live? What halls are you in? What subject are you doing? What clubs & societies are you planning to join?

Hope you found this helpful. Have the best time!