Too Much Stress is Toxic

Aubuzar Khan, Pakistan

My name is Abuzar Khan. I'm from Pakistan. I'm a BS first semester Biotechnology student. I was so happy and enjoying my university life. I was attending my classes and following a routine. 

Suddenly COVID-19 entered our lives. The world`s media and social sites repeatedly warned people about this epidemic.  It was 14th March when our VC announced that the University would close and we must all move back to our home towns.

When I moved in with my family I was so depressed due to the extra warning alerts about COVID-19. I put myself in isolation. I didn’t even talk to my family and always tried to maintain a distance. Whenever someone came to my room I put my mask on and used different type of sanitizers. I didn’t even study, I just watched the news all the day which led to more stress and depression. My father and other family members tried to help me. They even cut off my TV connection so that I could not watch the news.  Long story short it just ruined my life and thoroughly muddled my daily routine.

Days passed and the month of Ramadan arrived. It was our first fast and first day of Ramadan when I started to sit with my family. I always put my mask on and they talked to me about daily ways to avoid COVID-19.With the passing days I noticed that other people weren't getting as stressed by Covid-19 around me.  They were happy and enjoying their life as before and Allahamdullah until now there have been no cases of COVID-19 in our Home town(Village).

I'm not saying that don’t be careful but my point is don’t become too obssessive over the virus. Watching the news for hours every day will only cause more stress  We cannot fight against this disease on our own, we have to fight together.