Time to Vent

By Zara Kaur

Could 2020 literally get any worse?

I remember partying away on NYE thinking this was going to be MY year! I'd made some amazing friends in first term of uni, had a great group to live with next year and was loving my course.

Then along came Covid-19, ruining everything.

We were sent home from uni, with no clue when we'll return. Now I'm stuck in a tiny flat back with my family, with no garden, staring out at the sunny sky wishing I was chilling with my friends, enjoying summer term.

Being in a confined space with lots of siblings is stressful. I'm trying to keep up-to-date with uni work but it's difficult to concentrate - I miss the structure of lectures, the environment of the libraries and having my classmates around.

Now we can meet one other person at a social distance, I'm feeling a bit better about it all but some days I just want to VENT, sometimes it helps to just say (or write it)!  

2020, so far you really suck.

Got all my fingers crossed for a better 2021...!