By Eirini Petropouliadi, Greece

“May your trials end in full bloom” reads one of my favorite quotes. To be honest, this past month seems to be full of trials. With the ever-growing volume of schoolwork, the looming university applications in the fall, the uncertainty of the current situation and having to adjust to a new reality added to the equation, it is quite something! But I’ve realized that there is no point on mulling over the bad aspects of the situation, because then that takes a toll on our psychology. We have to stay informed, of course, but we have to seek and bring back normality to our lives. Discover the small things that make us happy and keep us going!

Before quarantine, I took many things for granted, social interactions being one of the most principal ones. Going to school, meeting up with friends, doing voluntary work, I didn’t give a second thought at the mention of them. But now, when they all have been taken-away I’ve learned to attach value to things like that, no matter how small and insignificant they may be. A bear hug, a smile, some extra sleep, painting, trying new recipes, listening to my favourite music, watching funny videos help me release any tension I may have. Even studying and being productive, which may have seemed a hustle before due to many sleep-deprived nights and early mornings, gives me a feeling of accomplishment that is unrivaled.

It may be difficult to adjust to the situation and to be completely realistic, when we emerge many things will have changed: our social interactions the epicenter of this change. One thing is for sure: the sky is still blue and the sun is shining. Some days may be overcast, or rainy but the sun always emerges and the skies clear.