The Realities of Studying at Home

By Lucy Stevens

With the prospect of looming exams, their form still unknown due to current circumstances, I am slowly adjusting to the realities of studying at home. You would think it would be easy considering I spent 7 years doing it before I left for university, but nonetheless it is a struggle. I have gotten used to being in complete control of my schedule and so the unpredictability of family members popping in with distractions or even just my cat appearing has been quite the adjustment to make.

What is more, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to study locations in Cambridge. I have my college library (2 minutes from my room) and then all the faculty libraries and the University Library. There is always a new place to work and I could easily go a term not sitting at the same desk twice. My desk at home in a cold room in the corner of the house therefore understandably pales in comparison.

How I am managing working from home:

  • Revamping my workspace, it’s no Cambridge library but I have made my desk as welcoming as possible to try and incentivise study. Nothing fancy, I have literally just tidied it and put up some photos of my friends.

  • Creating a more flexible schedule- I'm leaving a greater amount of flexibility in my schedule to allow for interruptions

  • Setting smaller goals. I have had to make my daily tasks smaller and more manageable

  • Varying my study location. I can't work in the living room, that is just the way I am, but I managed to work in the garden yesterday to make the most of the sun.

  • Getting outside! Yes, I can only have one walk a day under current circumstances, but I am determined make the most of it!