"The Pygmalion Effect: The Power of Expectations"

By Muhammad Alif Iman, Malaysia.

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"With the whole cancellation of A-Levels examinations this summer, a lot of students worldwide are already freaking out. Even after Ofqual and exam boards published their grading system, students are still uncertain on how grades are going to be distributed this summer and ponder whether or not they will be able to go to firm choice uni. For international students such as myself, this is very concerning because I need the grades in order for me to go to my dream uni in the UK. A few of my friends are already considering taking gap years and deferring their university entries to next summer.  Due to the on-going Movement Control Orders (MCO), schools are temporarily closed here in Malaysia and it seems that I am never going back to college since there are less than 30 days left before summer break. This is very sad as I will not get the chance to say goodbye to all my friends and teachers who had been there for me throughout my 2 bittersweet years of A-Levels. Even so, I still keep in touch with them virtually and get to see their faces during my online classes (definitely something I have taken time to adapting to).  However, it is not the same. It feels just like yesterday we had our annual college Christmas dinner. Little did we know that was the last time we got to see everyone gathering, taking photos and having a fun together.  It might be a bit of a relief with exams being cancelled as we no longer carry the stress of having to sit them. Some would even say that we might have dodged a bullet since God knows how difficult our exams could have been. But the bigger question is how are things going to go back to normal and if so, when?"