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Dear excited souls,

It's very evident that you little aspiring souls have been doing a lot. From giving entrance exams in this pandemic to striving to achieve the required cut offs. You are the warriors of today. I know it's very easy for us to say 'Everything will be alright' but we know that you're not having it the easy way.

This year, you might not have to queue up in front of your dream college to get through the admission procedure, this year you might not have an orientation in the big auditorium of your college. I know you're excited, you want to pack up your new bag and try out all your new college attires. I know you may be willing to fly across the city alone for the first time. I know you're sad that your college journey might not have a kick-start in a usual way but rest assured your seniors are here to pat you on your shoulders with that little jerk of hope, energy and fervour.

All of you must be going through bouts of anxiety and excitement as to how will I find my place in a huge crowd of young and talented individuals? How will I fit into the family? How will I represent myself amid so many aspiring lads? Well, I would say, CALM DOWN! Your anxiety is normal, everyone goes through it. Yes, it's true that you might feel lost at some point, you might feel confused with regards to the options you choose, you might feel that something's wrong and given these difficult circumstances this pressure shall be much more aggravated. Amidst all this, my only advice to all of you would be, don't panic! Take one day at a time, all of you shall sail through, everything shall fall into place gradually, all of you shall find your place very soon. Till then, stay confident and never feel that you're worthless because I know something really great is waiting for you.

Love and Light to all the freshers,