Take a Break

By Jessica Roberts

Revising for exams, catching up on coursework and generally keeping on top of studies can be very stressful. Personally, I am a really stressy person, and I can easily feel out of my depth when bombarded with deadlines and exam dates. With the added concerns of Covid-19 and having to adapt to studying from home, I have found that taking time out of studying to do other things I enjoy is essential.

At university I am part of the dance society and it is truly one of my favourite things about University of Liverpool. I highly recommend joining a society, they are great way to make friends, relieve stress and spend time doing the hobby or activity that you enjoy the most. There are hundreds of

societies you can join including sports, cultures or even starting your own society so there is guaranteed to be something you will love.

Although the current situation means staying indoors at home, you can still take a break from studying by doing things you enjoy. Here are a few things I like to do to relieve stress, to keep busy when I’m not in the mood for studying or to just have some me time:

- Baking

- Reading (usually a rom-com)

- Exercise/yoga

- Talking to friends on social media

- Movie night

Another great idea is to check if your society is doing any online classes or meetings that you can join so you can keep in touch with the friends you have made. There are so many different things you can do, so remember to take a break from all that studying because relaxing and having fun is equally important!