Studying in Uncertainty

By Miriam Götz, Germany

In the last year, or more likely in the last years I was focused on two main things: final school exams and uni application. In the last few weeks everything collapsed in itself.

Like in many other countries schools are closed in Germany and discussions are held on how the“Abitur” should take place. The current plan is to postpone the exams for three weeks. However, if it turns out that the risks are still too high, they will most probably be postponed even further. This not only means that the main preparation for the exams have to be done in self isolation and without proper classes, but also that study plans are now worthless...

So how to keep spirits high? And how to study for exams without a definite date? I have now developed a plan which allows me to react to a (maybe) changing timetable. I kept the main idea of my old plan but sometimes added more background research on smaller topics. I am trying to take the best out of this situation and to use the time given to us to achieve even better results.

In the first days I struggled to adapt to the new situation and had problems to keep the motivation high (usually I don’t find it difficult to motivate myself)... After a whole day of quite literally doing nothing I finally found something that keeps me motivated. I wrote down all the tasks I have or want to do , beginning with breakfast, to studying, sports, and going to bed. Especially the tasks in the category “Studying” are very detailed. Everytime a task is finished I put it aside to concentrate on something new. This gives me a positive feeling and lifts the spirits.