Stuck in the Middle

By Orla Hughes

As a year 12 student I was initially relieved about not being a year 11 or year 13 who are having to grapple with exam cancellations. However, reality soon set in and I became unnerved by the possibility that I could miss out on face-to-face teaching for almost a quarter of my A-level course as a result of the outbreak! I know that I am not alone in this thinking and am having to remind myself that we are all in the same boat and nobody is finding this change easy. It is important that we all keep in the front of our mind that we are not alone and are all missing out on the same.

Also, at the beginning of year 12 I was excited by the fact that I had chosen three subjects (Geography, History and English Literature) which all had an NEA component (coursework) as it took some of the pressure off exams. Now this seems like a silly decision as I am having to begin some of this coursework with the only teacher guidance being virtual! But how was I, along with all the other people doing coursework, supposed to be aware nearly a year ago that we would have our learning disrupted? I think it is important for myself, and my fellow year 12s, to do as much as we can for ourselves and our minds.

Maybe this will impact our university applications positively? All university applications for 2021 entry will differ from previous years and the universities are aware.

Maybe coursework will take longer to complete, the exam boards will have to be lenient.

And maybe our education is disrupted, but teachers still care about our wellbeing and understand that these are strange times.

So, be nice to yourself and stay healthy!