Staying Productive in Isolation

By Niamh Newbould

The change from a University environment, to coming home and being with your family 24/7 isn’t easy, so here are just a few tips to keep on top of your work during this period of change:

1.Create a routine: A routine can be as simple as making yourself a coffee every morning before starting your day, or walking your dog after you eat lunch (away from other people of course); whatever it is that stops you from going crazy in isolation.

2.Have your own space: You’re used to having your own space to work in at university, so mimic this at home! Even if it’s just your dining room table, having a space that you come back to each day to do your work will make all the difference.

3.Set goals and deadlines: Decide on miniature deadlines in between starting a piece of work and submitting it. Breaking a task down into a timescale keeps you focussed, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Make sure these goals are achievable, and write them down somewhere so you have no excuse.

4.Start a project: Take time to work on something that isn’t university related; for example, I’m re-learning violin after 5 years of not playing. Isolation is a perfect time to learn a new skill, whilst stopping your brain from going numb with uni work.

5.Reward yourself: Every time you meet a goal (even if it’s a minor task), reward yourself!!This may be with food, an episode of that programme, or just 5 minutes scrolling on TikTok. Rewarding yourself will keep you motivated, and allows you a break from work.

Of course, there are other ways that work for different people, but these are the 5 main tips that work for me, and hopefully they help you too!!Remember to stay safe and stay at home!

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