Staying in Bed

By Shannon Nath

Some days, I don’t even get out of bed.

I am the type of person that prides myself on my productivity and ability to wake up and brace each day, regardless of how hard it is. Usually, I can make myself study, cook, and finish my to do list with minimal mental effort. That does not mean that I don’t really enjoy having some self-care time to do a face mask, watch a movie, or call my friends. But it means that I am a resilient person, a trait I have grown over time and am proud to have.

Yet, times are different right now. I wake up feeling empty, lost, and lonely sometimes. Right now, staying in bed feels so much easier than getting out. I am having to learn that whilst that isn’t necessarily productive, it is okay. This happens once or twice a week. I feel a crushing sense of blankness and spend the day feeling really sorry for myself. And, I don’t have any advice for that feeling. It is all-consuming and too difficult to fight.

So, I stay in bed and I let myself be sad, whether its for the morning, or the evening, or the entire day. I try and speak to friends to prevent myself getting too devastated, but I give up and let myself be defeated for some time. I wonder if you do the same. It doesn’t make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you a waste of space. It makes you human.

This is an unprecedented time, as I am sure you are aware of. If you are not your usual happy, productive, and chatty self then that’s fine.

However, if this does become too difficult and you feel like this constantly, make sure you talk to someone and seek help.

By Shannon Nath

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