Socialising Whilst Social Distancing

By Caroline Loughlin

Although it’s nice to get those extra few hours in bed in the morning, the loss of the normal school day also means that we have lost our main way of keeping up with our friends.

The boredom of being stuck in the house all day can be frustrating and time spent having a laugh with friends is more needed than ever. Luckily for our generation, we have grown up with technology at our fingertips and keeping up with friends without leaving our bedrooms has never been easier.

Here’s a few things that my friends and I have been doing:

1. Netflix Party – This is a free google chrome extension that allows you all to watch Netflix all at the same time with a chat box at the side where you can message each other throughout. We have organised movie nights twice a week and are having a lot of fun using this. Why sit alone in your room binging that new series when you could sit alone in your room with friends?

2. Calling Each Other – This one probably isn’t a big shocker but, for a generation of texters, picking up the phone has become quite an alien thing. My friends and I have been doing group video calls almost every night. It’s a good way to not feel isolated and to check up on all your friends during this stressful time.

3. Online Games – We have recently been revisiting the games of our childhood together: Club Penguin, Star Doll, Movie Star Planet. It’s a good laugh and the nostalgia is totally worth it. It’s also a fun distraction away from corona virus and quarantine.

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas of how you can socialise whilst social distancing. 

Stay safe everyone and stay at home.