School is Weird this Term

By Danni Rogers

Starting back at school this term, to be honest I was just buzzing to get back. Last term I missed seeing my friend every day, hanging out at lunch, the structure of lessons. There was suddenly all this free time but nothing to do!

For me, September could not have come around quickly enough but it already feels pretty strange. We've been put in bubbles, where they split the year group in case anyone gets Covid. Some of my best friends are in the other bubble which means whole days go by and I don't even get to see them.

We have one way routes around the school and can't use the changing rooms for sport, so go around in our PE kit for the whole day (bit gross!).

We keep washing our hands and all the desks are apart which means no opportunity to chat and get distracted in lessons...a good thing I guess but also a little dull...

It does feel good to head out every day and come back in to a different place in the evening but I miss how school used to be; randomly chatting to people in the corridor, choosing who to sit next to, a quick gossip in a boring maths lesson and big groups of us hanging out at lunch.

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