Routine is Everything

By John Simmonds

You had the perfect routine; every day you got out of bed, poured your cereal, went for a run...oh wait that’s where it stops. You can do the breakfast and run bit but the rest of the day, well it’s no longer recognisable.

Before I would then:

Head to the library

Grab a coffee with a friend

Attend a lecture

Go to a seminar

Pick up some lunch from a cafe

Play netball at the courts

Shower at home

Quick dinner with friends

Put the music on

Makeup time

Pre drinks

Jump on the tube for a night out

Gorge on some chips from the local van at 3am

Home to bed

So, what to do now with no routine?!

It’s time to make a NEW one. Structure is everything, even if it all revolves around being in the same spot.

New routine:

Commute from bed to kitchen

Make breakfast

Go on a run alone

Return home, sit at desk, begin reading

Have a coffee with mum as a break

Write up notes

Have lunch with sister

Get online to use uni digital resources

Yoga YouTube vid for some zen

Make dinner

FaceTime friends

Watch TV programme

Listen to some music

Bed time

This can change over time but having a structure to each day is great to overcome boredom and keep motivation up!

You can do this!