Road to Russell Group

By Rosie Mitchell

Life right now might seem all consuming. Your brain will feel as if it’s trying to sprint the last mile of a marathon, but you lost your energy 5 miles back. The application, the prestige, the pressure …it all feels like too much. You feel like you can’t possibly imagine letting anyone down because after all ‘’The Russell Group is a once in a lifetime opportunity’’ and it ensures that you’ll be ‘’set you up for life’’. Well yes, that is the partial truth, but I am going to let you in on a secret.

You’re going to look back and wonder what was it all for? The blood, the sweat, the tears? What did you truly gain? Well… you learned how to persevere when someone told you couldn’t reach your goals, you learned how to use your passion to fuel a work ethic like no other, you learned how to achieve the essence of a balanced life but most importantly you learned perspective, self-belief and to stick by your guns!

People are going to question you time and time again ‘‘Durham… why would you want to go there? Its small and boring’’ and they will look at you as if to say ‘’Are you mad?’’ and yes, it will make you doubt your choice and make you consider choosing somewhere else just for a ‘’better nightlife’’

But let me tell you this, haven’t you proved them wrong. The road to ‘The Russell Group’ wasn’t all you had planned - ‘’the rough comes with the smooth’’ was the motto of your life but you’re exactly where you are meant to be. Academia is your foundation; it inspires you and it drives you, but it is only a part of you. ‘The Russell Group’ is only a part of you but what an amazing part of you it is.

So, breathe. It is okay to breathe. Nothing in this world is too far from your reach.

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