Quarantine TV Binge

By Lily Canville

Ok so you’re stuck at uni either with Covid-19 or you’ve been near someone with it...sound familiar?

Well, I am here to rescue you from self-isolation boredom with some cracking TV series!

1. Life

Great new BBC drama following the life, lies and relationships of a group of people all living in different flats in the same building. Gripping, ideal for a cosy night in with a glass of wine and a candle!

2. Us

cute little series following a married couple trying to rekindle their marriage. Based on the book by David Nicholls. Bit cheesy but an easy-watch to binge on while you scroll through TikTok and Insta!

3. The Savoy

Missing mini-breaks and holidays this year? Delve begins the scenes of one of London’s fanciest hotel. Slightly concerning that the staff seem to constantly sneeze and sniffle in a year of Covid-19 but would still kill to try their afternoon tea!

4. This is Us

Everyone I’ve recommended this to has LOVED it - ultimate lockdown BINGE! Following the generations of the Pearson family, with their triplets, every episode leaves your heart warmed, with storylines everyone can relate to! You HAVE to watch this 💙💙💙