Productivity is Key

By Kian B.

During this time of uncertainty and unpredictability,every student needs to stay on top of their work. This means we all need to stay productive. However for many people, it is becoming a struggle to work hard and do everything that we need to do, so here are some of my top tips to make sure we can all do every piece of work set to us:

  1. Keep a routine

To be productive as you would normally be, it is important to cling on to your old routine, or make a new one better fitted for our current situation, since a routine is important to feel awake and ready to conquer your work. A routine could be something as simple as getting up, having a shower, getting done and putting on some clothes, or it could include a workout or a quick call with a friend to catch up- it doesn’t matter what you do, we just all need a bit of framework to keep us productive.

2.  Take BREAKS!

Sometimes when doing work, you can get carried away and work for hours on end. However it is important to take breaks, maybe every half an hour or every hour, because long stretches of working can lead to stress and exhaustion- whilst taking a break can refresh your mind, and can help you stay focused over long periods of the day.

3.  Eliminate distractions

Whether it is your phone, or something else, you need to get rid of them from your workspace and get down to working. With your phone beside you when doing work, it is all too tempting to do something other than work- but you need to put them to one side and work.

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