Productive Mornings

By Shannon Nath

How am I so productive during lockdown?

During my time at university, mornings were always a race against time. From sorting out the curly mess on my head, to making coffee, followed by hurriedly unlocking the door after forgetting my headphones. Every morning started out in the same stressful blur. I always wished for a few more minutes in bed.

Now, I have all the time in the world.

When they first announced lockdown, my morning went from a rushed jumble to lounging around in sweats re-watching friends until lunch. And believe me, that did not make me happy. So, how did I fix this?

I forced myself to find structure and purpose each day. Here is how I start every day:

8:30 Wake up and make myself get out of bed, even if I return shortly

9:00 A healthy breakfast (poached egg on toast, orange juice, and an iced latte) and any admin work. This usually involves responding to emails, planning my afternoon, and sifting through comments.

10:00 Exercise. Yes, you read me right. I recommend Pamela Reif’s 10-minute workouts followed by a quick shower.

11:00 Sort myself out. I still do makeup, and hair and put on a killer outfit. It really helps my frame of mind go from sleepy time to productive time.

12:00 Film some content for YouTube or edit a video. Do something that isn’t studying, but is productive such as art, baking, or being creative in some other way.

1:00 Have some lunch and get on with the productive part of my day.

Seriously, we now have total control over our schedule and whilst that can be overwhelming for some, having a structure will set you on the right track to achieve each day.

By Shannon Nath

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