Preparing for university in Quarantine

By Mason Wakley

Like all sixth-form students, this time is full of uncertainty for me and what my future holds. In June, I was meant to sit my A-Levels; in October, I was due to start university, beginning a dream course in a city I love. For now, that’s on hold, and exams have bee scrapped. I remember sitting in my last ever Maths lesson, doing an exam paper and thinking ‘What is this for, what’s the point, there’s no exams anymore?’ But, now 4 weeks in to quarantine, I’ve realised that my teachers were right to continue teaching us; I might not need the maths for an exam, but I’ll sure need it in the future. I might not need it now, but I’ll need it later.

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to use this time as best as I can to prepare for university by delving in to my subject through online courses and podcasts. YouTube videos on packing for university, making friends on my course, reading around my subject; it’s all been a great way to stay sane in self-isolation and is also so useful, no matter what happens in the future.

I’m currently doing a course on Biochemistry, who, as a science student who didn’t study Biology, is actually proving to be really interesting and keeping the ability to actually write with a pen under my belt!

For now, stay safe, stay sharp and as best as you can, look forward to your next steps and who knows, on the way, you might even discover something new!