Picking a University Course

By Mason Wakely

Choosing something to study for the next 3 plus years of your life is no easy challenge. For some of my friends with aspirations of becoming a doctor or a lawyer, picking a course out of the thousands on offer was something they did not have to consider. For me, and most of us students, picking a course can be a little bit trickier.

I knew that I’d always wanted to do something in science but as a student who loved pretty much all of my subjects at GCSE, narrowing my direction in life to one single degree course felt daunting and confining. I had to do some serious self-reflection in order to discover what it was about science that really got me excited and made we want to know more about the world, more so than what others thought would lead me to be a pioneering expert in fields that perhaps I wasn’t so interested in. Deciding on a degree or higher education pathway that is right for you starts by choosing something that you are genuinely passionate about and, hopefully, you are good at. For me, it was the lack of optional modules in courses that really appealed to me as I wanted to study everything related to Chemistry and I am actually quite bad at making big decisions!

I got over the fear of narrowing my choices in life by choosing a specific degree by realising that this degree doesn’t define me, other than as a hardworking, dedicated and curious person, all skills that are valued by future employers. Suddenly my degree application for Chemistry didn’t sound so narrowing to a life as a research chemist, but as a stepping stone to a range of future next steps. Whatever course you choose, do your research, pick something that you enjoy and are willing to work at for the next part of your life and the rest will sort its self out- besides why would you pay for a degree you don’t like?