Not Getting Into My First Choice Uni Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

By Frankie Higginson

It’s almost that time of year again. Students up and down the country will be receiving their A-Level results and hearing back from universities, albeit a little differently this year. For some students, this day will be the start of an exciting journey as they are accepted into their dream universities but others won’t be so lucky. On results day 2017, I was one of the unlucky ones.

I wanted to stay at home for university in Belfast. I loved my home comforts and I had a really great group of friends at home - I really didn’t want to leave it all behind. So, when I was rejected by my first choice university, it felt like the end of the world. I only missed out on my place by one grade and it felt so unfair. But I ended up turning what felt like failure into a new adventure, and applied to study the following year at Manchester Metropolitan University.

I have just completed my second year of English and Sociology at MMU and even though moving so far away was terrifying and a huge challenge at first, it has been so rewarding and I could not imagine myself studying anywhere else. My journey to university was not an easy one, but I truly feel like I ended up at the right university for me.

It turns out the only reason I had my heart set on staying at home for university was so that I could stay in my comfort zone. I think back now on all the things I would have missed out on if I didn’t go to Manchester and I’m so glad things worked out the way they did! If anybody reading this has found themselves in a similar situations, or is just feeling a bit nervous about moving away, my Instagram inbox is always open for a chat: @frankiehigginson