My University Journey

By Ushashi, Central University of Jharkhand

I’m Ushashi, from India, and here is a sneak peek into my University journey. Born and raised in Kolkata I had my education in top schools across the city. An avid reader (of novels), I was also an excellent student and was always very interested in becoming a doctor. In India, after standard 12, we are required to sit in several National Level Entrances for further studies (except for Honours level courses within the respective state). But I just couldn’t pass the entrances; I invested one year, but still could not. The failure of not getting into medical school got to me and I suffered from depression. Regular counselling from the doc, some meds and the immense support from my parents helped my slow but steady healing.

After another complete year off (so after 12th standard I dropped two years), I applied for the Integrated Masters Programme in Life Sciences. This time I passed this National Level Entrance which is conducted by all the Central Universities in India. I was admitted to the Central University of Jharkhand; the only Central University closest to my state that offered such a research-based course. I was quick to fall in love with the curriculum taught by some excellent professors.

Encountering indelible positive and negative experiences, I started evolving. Last year, after completing my Integrated Masters, I cleared National Level Entrance to enroll myself as a PhD candidate in this same University, under the Supervisor with whom I carried out my final year Master’s project. I am absolutely enjoying my PhD journey (My research area: Drosophila Genetics), in my second home which has imbibed a fresh new life in me. Failures are necessary, indeed.

Instagram handle: ushashi_ain

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