My Home Outdoor Cinema

By Tilly Rose

The world is opening up a little more; cafes, bars and pubs are ready and waiting for us but if lockdown has taught us anything it's to be creative.

So, last Saturday instead of heading off to the pub, my friends and I enjoyed a cinema experience from the comfort of my back garden.

It was by no means the hottest evening, in fact it was a little cold but we've grown to love being outside so much these last few months, sitting on my patio layered in jumpers and blankets felt totally normal.

We turned the TV around facing the garden, opened the french doors. I strung fairy lights from the frame, laid out chairs in rows, with a blanket and cushion on each and lit loads of tea lights - it was pretty magical.

Cue 'Cinematic' playlist on Spotify and it made for the dreamiest evening...watching our favourite film 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days'...never gets old!

Let's hope we keep this love of the outdoors and continue to get creative as the world opens up!