My 3rd Year Bucketlist

By Mary Karayel


As I am about to enter my 3rd year at the University of York, I have realised there are still so many great activities and places in York I have yet to visit! So here is a list of things to do on/off-campus that I’d love to complete by the time I graduate:

  1. Go into the Quiet Place: The Quiet Place is a hidden gem on campus located next to Heslington Hall. The Quiet Place is a secluded spot for reflection and relaxation that needs a key to get into the secret garden. It would be the perfect spot on campus to escape the hustle and bustle of Uni life. I imagine I’ll be wanting to spend lots of time there hiding from my Dissertation!

  2. Visit the York Minster: The Minster is high up on my bucket list as it is an iconic building in York because of its beautiful stained glass windows. However, it is thought to be bad luck for students to climb the Central Tower before you graduate, so this one might have to wait!

  3. Spend an afternoon feeding the ducks: York is well known for its huge population of waterfowl and I always see people feeding the ducks and geese on my way to lectures. Whilst the geese somewhat terrify me, the ducks are adorable and I think it would be a cute activity to do.

  4. Go for Afternoon Tea at Betty’s: Betty’s Cafe Tea Room is a York staple that first opened in 1919. I will be taking my mum when she next comes to visit me!

  5. Join some new societies: At the University of York, there are over 200 societies and I've only tried 4! I would like to get involved with a few more societies to make some new friends and explore some of my interests before I leave university.

  6. Do a Ghost Tour: Located off the Shambles, they look like such a laugh and a way to find out more about York’s history.

  7. Host a dinner party: I’d love to invite all my friends over and cook them a meal that is not just pasta or a takeaway!

  8. Visit some more of York’s pubs: Apparently, there are 365 pubs and bars within the City Walls of York so I better get a move on and visit a lot more! Two of my favourites would have to be The Charles XII which is right next to campus and The Habit which has a lovely terrace view of the Minster.

  9. Celebrate handing in my Dissertation with Nachos in Courtyard: One of my favourite memories from First Year was finishing my final exam and heading straight to Courtyard with my course-mates to celebrate. Sadly we did not get to celebrate the end of Second year the same way, but I will make sure Courtyard Nachos are on the itinerary the day I finish my Dissertation!

  10. Venture out of York for a Day Trip: Leeds, Whitby and Scarborough are all so easy to get to from York and I may as well explore other cities in the North before moving back to London.