Missing Campus in Lockdown

Although as a live at home student being on campus doesn’t make up a huge part of your daily living, since being on lockdown by the government it has become SUPER clear how much I miss the small things.

UoM campus isn’t the most pretty of campuses (although it does have its parts) and the weather in Manchester is nearly always grim, but the simplicity of walking along Oxford Road between classes really is well and truly missed.

The speaker guy on the bicycle, that I didn’t think played into my day, is even being reminisced in these times of pandemic. The ease of nipping for a meal deal at lunch, sitting outside the Ali G between revision and grabbing an overpriced coffee are all things I for sure took for granted. Once thing not so much – the countless people handing out flyers for this and that. All. Day. Long.

While on lockdown, it is becoming so clear how such small trivial things can play into your day and have such an impact.

Make sure the small things that make you smile while social distancing away from university stick with you through this time of uncertainty.

Keep calm and smile on – and also wash your hands!!!