Managing Your Mental Health in Lockdown

By Olivia Morris

I’m going to share with you some of the personal ways I have managed my mental health during lockdown and hopefully you can find some useful tips!

  1. Talk to friends as much as possible! Try to plan things like zoom or facetime calls with friends regularly and try out things like video pub quizzes and Netflix Party.

  2. Get sunlight and fresh air! If your location allows it, try to go outside whether that be for a short walk either by yourself or with your family, or sit outside in your back garden and have a meal there or do some work outside.

  3. Try to get out of bed and get dressed as if you were leaving the house! This may be hard or annoying because you want to stay in comfy pajamas all day, but getting dressed and being able to get into pajamas at night keeps a routine and gets you out of bed every day which is so important for your motivation.

  4. Call a hotline such as Samaritans or Nightline if you need to talk to someone and vent all your feelings! If you are in lockdown by yourself, it can be so isolating and you might need to talk to someone other than your friends and family for some advice.

  5. Keep to a work schedule! You may either be underworking because of a lack of motivation or overworking because of stress and all the free time. Both of these can wear you down and cause more stress! Keep daily goals and plans and give yourself breaks when you need them. Getting work done is important but staying healthy and stress free is even more important!

  6. Take up a new hobby! Give yourself something fun to do during the day. Since you can’t go out to see friends, use that time to find a new hobby that you find fun, whether that be making TikTok dances or learning how to draw, letting out some creative or physical energy can be really beneficial.

  7. Stick to a good sleep schedule! Getting enough sleep is so important for your mental health, but so is getting enough daylight. While it may seem like the perfect time to sleep in until 2pm, that will not help your motivation or your mood! Stick to a sleep schedule that will get you up earlier in the day so that you have more sunlight to keep you up and motivated.

Hopefully you find these tips useful if you need a little bit of extra help during this lockdown. It is definitely a scary time for everyone, especially during the weird transition period of your life that university is. I hope that anyone going through a hard time is able to recover and get back on their feet ready to take on the world after Covid-19 has stopped ruining everything. If you are struggling just remember that you are not alone and you will get through this!

By Olivia Morris

Instagram: @oliviamorris

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