Making Peace With Down Time

As someone who is constantly running around looking for more things to do and more people to see, the lockdown has given me an opportunity to make peace with down time. I often find it hard to relax and stay still, but having all of my normal distractions cancelled at once forced me to learn to live slowly. I struggled at first, I felt guilty and gross after spending hours sat in bed, still wearing my pjs and watching Netflix. But as the quarantine has gone on I’ve returned to activities from childhood that I never make time for. I’ve started a garden, spent entire days playing the guitar, baked infinite types of bread and listened to entire albums from start to finish and have never felt more peaceful. The lockdown has absolved the guilt of using my time to perform these worthy activities I would normally think worthless when uni work takes first place in my priorities. In fact, it has turned any even the act of getting dressed into a small daily victory I can be proud of.

I also have the lockdown to thank for my changed relationship with exercise. I’m normally unable to feel I have worked out successfully unless I have given it maximum effort, but have been able to see things differently. I’ve started a Glasgow parks project and have visited so many different parks all across the city, with the aim of exploring all the parts of these beautiful green spaces in depth rather than getting there and back as quickly as possible. I’ve loved finding and gradually exploring these hidden gems more than any gym session I’ve done. I hope that I am able to carry some of this calmness over when normal life starts again and allow myself to live slowly sometimes. For now, I’ll enjoy it while I have time to.

By Amelia Hilton