Making a Cosy & Productive Study Space at Home

By Rosie Pennycook

As someone who usually relies on being able to get out of the house or my college room to visit many different libraries and coffee shops, enforced ‘working from home’ is not ideal for my revision. There are definitely some days when anything I try doesn’t really work, but I’ve found that the better and more ‘put together’ my study space, the more productive I feel.

The most important thing for me is organisation: having my stationery arranged neatly, the right things in the right files, and everything tidied to give me enough space to work on my desk. I like to have my revision plan on the wall in front of me so that I vaguely know what I’m supposed to be doing too. Once that’s all in place, you can focus on adding some cosy touches!

I love my room to smell nice, so a good diffuser or candle is one of my cosy essentials. Lighting a candle also helps put me into focus mode, as I won’t leave the room whilst it’s still burning. Talking of light, that’s important too: well-lit study spaces are better for your eyesight and will help you keep to a schedule of daytime work. If your area is a bit dark, maybe see if there’s a spare lamp somewhere around the house that you can steal for a few weeks!

Staying hydrated is essential, of course, and I’ve found that always using a favourite tumbler/glass/mug makes me feel more on top of things! I have two Starbucks mugs that make me feel extra boujee, and they take it in turns to go in the dishwasher so I always have one to use. Regular trips downstairs for hot drinks to bring up ensures that my desk is somewhere I don’t mind being at all!

There are loads of other cute ways to make your study space a welcoming one, such as having a vase of flowers, a warm blanket, or a copious supply of biscuits. Hopefully you can find a way to enjoy studying at home.

Rosie is a 2nd year History student, make sure to check out her Instagram - @studyingatcambridge