LSE Freshers'

By Jo Tan

Hi guys,

My name is Jo and I'm a second year studying Economics at LSE. So exciting now that this whole results day debacle is out of the way, loads of you will be starting as Freshers next month!

I'd strongly advise you join our Facebook page where you can get to know other students before you arrive:

Obviously Freshers is going to be a little different this year due to Covid-19 but trust me, you are still going to have fun!

There are loads of virtual interactive events ready for you:

The great thing about LSE is both the amazing people you'll meet from all over the world and having a campus in the centre of London! So exciting to be able to live in this amazing city aged 19!

With lockdown easing and more things reopening, I hope you'll get to explore all the great things London has to offer. There are three pubs, prayer rooms, campus cafes (I love Cafe 54!) literally on campus or Covent Garden is just down the road for all you foodies!

I'd suggest taking a stroll around Campus on arrival, use the maps dotted around and within a week you'll get the hang of it!

Buzzing to meet you all!

Jo x