London Lockdown

By Sam Timms

It's happened...Boris has told us not to go out, other than to the supermarket, for one bit of exercise a day and, if absolutely necessary, to work. This means the usual bustling London has changed recognisably.

What does MY London usually look like?

* Bustling Streets

* Rammed tubes

* People partying until the early hours

* Restaurants with queues out the door

* Morning coffees in my favourite independents

* Traffic jams

* Fast food chains, filled with people picking up their chips at 2am

* Tourists sightseeing

* Theatre goers heading for a night at the musicals

* Ubers pulled up at every corner

* Football fans singing on their way to the stadium

& now I can't...I can't...I can't do anything! & neither can you and yes, it sucks but stopping these things is what's going to save us, so hold onto the mems guys but don't go out unless you HAVE to.