Lockdown Hair Cuts

By Jenny Lidly

Talk about transferrable skills in lockdown, I think I have learnt more 'pratically' than ever before.

When my boyfriend asked me to cut his hair that first time, I was in panic mode. As I stood with the kitchen scissors, our only available tool, he was freaking out. But hey, it turns out I am quite the barber. My technique left a little to be questioned i.e. no technique at all, I just sort of hacked it.

At points in that chair, it felt like our relationship was on the rocks. Turns out boys' hair is actually harder to cut.

'What are you doing?' 'That doesn't sound good' 'Can I see it?'

NO! I responded, leave me to it..

The end result, well, even he was impressed! I couldn't stop admiring my handywork!

I've now cut my own hair, my mum's and my dad's...think of setting up in business.

With lockdown easing and the ability to now go to a professional, I'm thinking I might use that money for something else!

Turns out we can really turn our hand to it if we have too...