Living in Lenton

By Becky Scanlon

If you have been in university halls on campus for your first year, lots of people then move into shared houses in Lenton. Lenton is half way between the city centre and University Park, the main campus, and is a 30 minute walk to each. You can of course also get the bus very easily and a split taxi on the way back from a night out for only a couple of quid! I love living in Lenton – it is so fun having all your friends no more than a 10 minute walk away, especially before a night out in town.

I live with five other girls from my halls in first year and there are two other houses of people from my halls even on the same street! There is a Sainsbury’s Local so it is so easy to get food, some takeaways and The Savoy Cinema, an old school cinema that is so cheap! One place that lots of people don’t know about is Wollaton Hall, which is next to the university campus and in jogging distance from Lenton. Gorgeous parkland with an amazing stately home, where some of Batman was filmed, as well as a golf course.

You have to get in there early if you want to get one of the better quality houses though, the competition is fierce!