Keep On Keeping On…

By Abbie Nott

As a Year 13 student, I have found the sudden end to my studies to be a strange one. No proper last day, no exams, no more chances to see my friends and teachers every day. I am sure this has been the case for all in the class of 2020, as the abrupt end was unexpected.

However, the approach I am taking is… this will not last forever!

Yes, we have lost time at school or university, but there are positives to be found amongst this confusion. No A-level or GCSE exams is a weird feeling, but it does take away some of the stress and reliance upon everything turning out well on the day. Also, how many times have you said ‘I would, but I just can’t find the time’… now you have that time! This doesn’t mean you have to write the next best-seller or learn ten languages. Instead, you can do something enjoyable, like discovering a new favourite artist, or watching the whole of Friends (definitely not how I’m spending my time…).

I hope that this helps you have a more positive outlook on our current situation. You are almost certainly finding this hard or strange, but the key is the ‘keep on keeping on’, as we will come out the other side. 

I like to think of when my English teacher said some of the best advice she’d ever been given was ‘everything in life is transitory’. I think this sums up how we will get past this and how we should take each day as it comes.